The Sandis Top 10 Family TV Shows for Preschoolers

Ever find yourself reciting every word of your child’s favorite TV show to the point that you are just begging for them to become attached to a different one? Well, in honour of my fellow parents begging for educational but entertaining shows which also pay attention to influencing good values; the hubby and I have compiled the following…here’s a list of our favorite TV shows for T in any order:

    1. The Magic School Bus
    2. The Magic School Bus Rides Again
    3. Floogals
    4. Ask the StoryBots
    5. Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood
    6. Tayo the Little Bus
    7. Blaze and the Monster Machines
    8. Word Party
    9. Dinotrux
    10. Dinotrux Supercharged
    11. Treehouse Detectives
    12. Transformers Rescue Bots
    13. Team Umizoomi
    14. Paw Patrol
    15. PJ Masks
    16. The Lion Guard (not on Netflix UK 🤷)
    17. Super Monsters
    18. Super Why (We pick this up on YouTube)
    19. Super Wings (not on Netflix UK)
    20. Curious George (also not on Netflix UK)

By the way:

  • Unless stated otherwise, most of these shows at the time of this posting are available on Netflix UK.
  • I like to find time to watch TV with my son as it allows me to reiterate the lessons of the episode. It also provides us with a great tool to use when explaining morals in certain situations. For example, “Do you remember Lulu in that last episode we watched when her friends were upset she didn’t share? Well that’s how your friends feel when you don’t share with them.”
  • I believe it’s important as well to watch TV with your kids to point out connections, explain and make references to real life (just don’t talk to much! 😊)
  • We think it makes good parent-child time when done the right way (yup no checking your phone every two minutes)
  • Experts suggests that too much screen time is unhealthy for children. As such we try to balance screen time with play and structured activities (indoor and outdoor).

I hope this list helps you. If it does, please share with other parents and or comment with your own favorite TV shows.

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with any of the above TV shows or streaming medias. This is simply our opinions.

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