Lesson in Humility

Children humble you in the most uncanny ways!

I recently traveled 8 hours plus with my little munchkin. Before the flight I was so anxious about it all as I have never traveled with him alone and so I was absolutely dreading it. His dad had a good chat with him early in the morning to help with what we thought was going to be a tough 8 hours. Gladly, I have to say it went quite well. T was good throughout the entire flight, helping me when I needed him, giving me advance notice when he needed to use the bathroom, keeping himself entertained with the in flight entertainment and doodle books…you know the whole nine yards! But as fate would have it, it would not be this time but another, one I surely was not expecting.

T decided that he would, as the older persons in Barbados would say “behave own way” at the most uncommon time once we arrived in Bim leaving me feeling completely embarrassed. It was after this time and in my self reflection that I realized I truly had nothing to be feeling embarrassed about.

It is not uncommon for children T’s age to struggle with their parents as they are exploring themselves and seeking independence. Children at his age are still learning what they call impulse control. They are still finding ways to communicate their feelings clearly and quite frankly some adults don’t even know how to do that! So why should I expect my 3 year old to “behave?”

Today I write this post with a humble heart, not only to share my experience but also to encourage other parents like myself to keep going. The way ahead is long and bumpy and everyday is not going to be the same. Some days our children will be little saints while other days they actions would have us wanting to scream our heads off. Every parent, every mother, every father, every guardian who is trying their best to raise their child(ren)  is having a hard time. It is not easy and it is not our job to judge other parents and caregivers for the way that they handle or discipline their children.

So the next time you see a young mother or father struggling with a screaming child in the grocery store, don’t look on in judgement, sympathize with them because it is hard as it is and every dog has got its day.

Thanks for reading! I hope you can relate and return by sharing with others.  The links are at the bottom of this post.❤❤❤


Featured photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash

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