Sticky Situation

We all got those days when our child(ren) is constantly seeking our attention. Here’s an activity I recently did with my munchkin to buy myself 5 minutes!

What you’ll need:
Pen, marker or crayon

Method we used:
1. Wrote out T’s initials using a pen and paper

2. Had him trace the letter using his finger.

3. Asked him to peel the stickers and stick them using the letter as a guide. As usual I did the first one so he had a visual representation of what I was asking.

4. Use your few minutes wisely!


Feel free to add to this activity according to what your child responds to best, their age and stage. For example use bigger or smaller stickers for more or less time, write out the first name instead of their initials or write out numbers, draw shapes etc.

What’s going on here?
Fine motor skills (peeling and sticking)
Letter recognition
Letter tracing (first steps to writing)

Thanks for reading and please share!

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