Play Dough Letters

Play Dough Letters? Gotcha attention didn’t I.

Read Relate Return was created as an avenue to clear my mind on topics I think other people can relate too. However, it would be amiss of me not to share my passion for early childhood education and activities I create at home with the little man. Not to mention as well that I had been sharing our little activities on my personal WhatsApp and to my surprise many of my fellow Mommas are interested in seeing what’s next.

With that said, I’ve decided to share with you little snippets of what my munchkin and I  do when we have the time. As we are in the UK, I try to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework as a benchmark to the activities we do. I hope other parents reading can relate to the activities and try them, with or without their own variations at home with their little ones.



Our little munch absolutely loves play-dough! Here’s a simple yet effective activity we do with a ton of learning.

What you’ll need:
Foam letters
Play dough that matches the color of the foam letters.
Play dough manipulators-rolling pin,play dough knife etc.

Method we used:
1.Placed the foam letters in alphabetical order and in groups of 5 at a time (we grouped 6 for the last group).

2. Asked T to identify which letters they were and what color the letter was.

3.Asked him to find the corresponding colored container of play dough and place it at the top of the foam letters. (You can do the first one so the child has a visual representation of what you are asking).


4. After he found the right colour, he opened the play dough and manipulated it by cutting, rolling, curving etc. to form his own play dough letters on top of the foam letters, thereby using them as a guide.


5. After each group of 5 was done I had him call out the letters and make the letter sound, using the Leap Frog ABC song as our rhyme.

Feel free to add to this activity according to what your child responds to best, their age and stage. For example, for older children letters can be grouped into sight words – what are these? – state in one line or create a separate post  if it’s a whole new topic.

What’s going on here:
Colour recognition
Letter recognition
Fine motor skills

I hope you found this useful and can return for more ideas to use with your own munchkin(s).
Share in the comments below if you tried this out or if you experimented using any other variations to it!

Momma Si