Building Blocks to Early Maths

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Toddlers and preschoolers love to play with blocks! Here’s an activity I did with my little munchkin that helped him with learning what number comes before and after. This activity not only helps with sequencing but it reiterating color recognition, number recognition and counting.

What you’ll need:
Blocks of various colors
Foam numbers
Paper with numbers 1-10 written down

Method we used:

1. Placed the blocks in order from 1-10 using each head of the block as one.

2.Mix up the foam numbers.

3. Asked T to count each head of the block and pick out the corresponding number from the pile and place it underneath. NB: My son initially counted the blocks as one and not each head of the blocks so be clear in your instruction, use the blocks as one if you have enough or show the child how to do the first one. Also we used number 1 twice as an introduction to another lesson. (Identifying numbers 10-20)

4. After he was done,  I mixed the foam numbers and the order of the blocks, had him repeat step 3.

5. Using the paper with the numbers written on as a guide,  he then rearranged the blocks and numbers in order.


Feel free to add to this activity according to what your child responds to best, their age and stage. For example, you can leave out step 5. Use a white board and magnetic letters as your chart or use a store bought chart as the guide. Before step 3 you can also ask the child to identify the colors of the blocks.

What’s going on here:
Number recognition
Color recognition
Logic and reasoning

Thanks for reading and please do share!